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Before contacting us, please read the following 5 frequently asked questions

Do we have to be on time?

Yes. It is important to be 5 minutes prior  the time reservation. Therefore, as soon as we’re ready you can enjoy virtual reality in a comfortable area. Also, It is also important to know that if you arrive extremely late, this one will be lost. Please keep in mind that even you arrive late, the time to finish will be the same as agreed on the reservation.


It’s important to point out that our prices start from 15,00€ for 30minutos for one persona and depending on the playing time you purchase the price varies based on the time and number of participants. Therefore, the more you are, the cheaper it will be. So, start booking with us to check availability and the exact prices.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Is it important as well, to pay the booking previously? If it not paid and you do not attend the reservation, we would not be able to host other customers at the time you booked. If you want to know the availability of certain date and time, please call us or send us a message (e-mail, WhatsApp, or +34 938323786) we will pre-book the time for you and confirm it as soon as you pay for the reservation.

Cancellation policies

We have different products related to the Virtual reality service, that fit your needs. With different cancellation and change deadlines. The deadlines for cancellation and change will be reflected in the product you are going to purchase. In particular cases, you will see it in the confirmation email of your service. In bond reserves, the term is 48 hours before your reservation. For more information read our * policies*

What is the maximum of attendees?

For each product, we have a minimum and maximum of attendees. So, for VR experiences the minimum is 1  and maximum of 4 people. Second, in VR Escape Rooms: maximum is 4  and minimum 2 people and for groups and birthday parties, the minimum is 6 and máximun 16 people.


What is the minimum age?

We must point out that in birthday celebrations and groups The minimum age is 8 years. However, in the rest of the services, the minimum age is 7 years. On the other hand, the maximum age is… well, in virtual reality there is no maximum age since we have experienced for anyone who wants to venture to discover a new world of emotions.